Sleep Hacks

Tips and Tricks to a Better Night’s Sleep

Morning light for easier waking

Bright lights in the morning will not only generate an alerting affect in the brain, but will also help to strengthen and shift our circadian rhythm making for a better sleep-wake cycle.

Reduce light exposure in the evening

Although technology has many perks and advantages, it is important to be weary of how both environmental lighting conditions and the use of electronic devices in the evening can affect the timing and the quality of our sleep. Bright lights and screen time in the evening before bed have been shown to disrupt our circadian…

Moderate your caffeine consumption

Although caffeine has been shown to be beneficial for cognitive functions, attention and performance, particularly in sleep deprived states, it is important to be aware of its dose and timing. Caffeine consumption in the late afternoon and evening can interfere with both the quantity and quality of our night-time sleep.

Be consistent, even on weekends

Having a stable and consistent sleep-wake schedule will not only help you sleep better, but also reduce the negative effects of inadequate sleep on your health and performance.

Pre-bed ritual: Relax the mind

Finding a way to mentally relax before bed will help your mind transition out of your daily mindset and into sleep. When your mind is preoccupied with daily thoughts, a good trick is to write it down before going to bed. That way you can mentally let go of those thoughts as your list will…

Pre-bed ritual: Relax the body

As our bodies accumulate stress and tension throughout the day, light stretching or gentle yoga can help reduce this stress before to bed. Slowing down your breathing by taking deep long breaths will also help calm down your sympathetic nervous system, making it easier for your body to relax and fall asleep.

Create fatigue by trying something new

As sleep is in part related to our waking activity, trying something new and different that challenges our mind and body will help promote good sleep at the end of the day.

Optimize the bedroom 1: Reduce noise and light

As light has a direct influence on our internal clock indicating to our brain that it is night time, and abrupt sounds can wake us from our sleep, reducing light and noise level in the bedroom will help you obtain a better sleep quality.

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